Creating Floppy Image to use along with Windows Setup and HP ILO.

There are number of occasions were we still have dependency over floppy, I recently had two occasion were I needed floppy image necessary.

1. During troubleshoot of Windows 2000 server, needed creating floppy image to add SCSI drivers using F6 on OS repair.

2. Similarly, needed to updated NIC drivers for a physical machines using the virtual floppy.

There are a lot of commercial programs out there that will create a .img file from other files on your file system, but I had a tough time finding a free floppy image creation package. I was lucky to find and succeed with a tool named BFI (Build Floppy Image). It’s a very easy command line tool that’s free. You would be able to download the file from here -> BFI’s home page.

For example, If you want to create a floppy image as Floppyimg with the files located at c:\Drivers. Syntax would be:

Syntax: bfi -f=[Location to store image with image name] [source file location]
Ex: bfi -f=c:\floppyimg.img c:\Drivers\

You have now successfully created a new floppy disk image!



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