Month: August 2011

How to update the firmware for Virtual Connect modules?

Intial step is to make a backup of VC Domain configuration from VC Manager GUI and you will require Virtual Connect Support Utility downloaded and installed on any machine.

Please follow the below steps:

1. Run VCSU from Start > Programs>Hewlert-Packard>Virtual Connect Support Utility> Virtual Connect Support Utility – Interactive.

Please enter action (“help” for list): update
Please enter Onboard Administrator IP Address:
Please enter Onboard Administrator Username: Administrator
Please enter Onboard Administrator Password : ***********
Please enter firmware package location : c:\temp\vcfwall3.18.bin
Please enter Bay Number (Optional):
Please enter configuration backup password (Optional):
Do you want to force an update on modules? (Yes/No):
Do you want to specify VC-Enet module activiation order? (Yes/No)
Do you want to specify VC-FC module activation order? (Yes/No):
Do you want to specifiy the amount of time in minutes to wait between activating or rebooting VC-Enet modules? (Yes/No):
Do you want to specifiy the amount of time in minutes to wait between activating or rebooting VC-FC modules? (Yes/No)
Please enter the VCM Domain user credentials.
User Name : Administrator
Password : ***********
Gathering module and package information. [Step 3 of 3: 30 seconds]

HP advised to use different versions of VCSU for Ethernet and FC Virtual Connect modules, however, it is not possible with multi enclosure configuration.

Reset all VC modules one by one, making sure you can see the new version and you have all connectivity through this module back.

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How to update HP Qnboard Administrator Firmware?

Please follow the below steps to update HP Enclosure.

1. Login to “HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator“.
2. Click on “Rack Firmware” to view the current firmware version.
3. Click on “Active Onboard Administrator” under “Enclosure Information”.
4. Click on “Firmware Update“.
5. Browse to upload the download the firmware.
6. Click on “Upload“.

Note, updating the active OA in first enclosure will automatically update the standby OA. It will never affect your system.

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