Month: May 2011

Happy Birthday

Hello WintelAdmin Readers,

Thank you so much for the past one year that you all have been supporting us. We are more than glad to have you all here, to make the portal a succesful one. Also, we’d like to congratulate you all for the completion of one year.

Happy Birthday

Also, we would like to state that we expect the same from you in comin years as well. And anywhere you need our support or help, we’ll try my best to do so.

We are sure, with your joint efforts, we can achieve greater hights in coming years for which the credit will always go to you.

Thank you all once again and hearty congratulations!!!


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How to change blocksize (file size limit) on VMFS3 filesystem

If you are trying to create a VM with disk drive size larger than 256 you will get this error :

File is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore.

This happens because by default VMware ESX running VMFS3 uses 1M blocksize with a limitation of 256 GB disk size for the guest virtual machine. However it is possible to change the block size.

To changethe block size on a VMFS3 filesystem you can use vmkfstools command from command line ro reformat the parition. The vmkfstools command can be run on ESX server :

#vmkfstools –create vmfs3 –blocksize 2M vmhba1:0:0:2

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