Month: June 2011

IE8 high CPU usage, IE8 running slow

This slow behavior of your Internet Explorer 8 is due to recovery files being continuosly written on your user profiles:

“C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\Active\”

This issue can be resolved by disabling “ Enable automatic crash recovery” option from:

Tools–>Internet Options–> Advanced (tab)–>Browsing (section) ….

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How to recover lost Windows product key?

I would like to inform you that Nirsoft has got few useful tools. One of them that I use for the software audit is ProduKey. It will allow you to gather the product keys used on computers across your whole domain. And just like the password utility, it is free!

I checked it out, and it is a great way to grab serial numbers of Microsoft products.

You can use the gui interface, and just see the product keys on your own computer:

You can download the utility from here

It also has an unbelievable number of options for pulling information from other computers or even drives where windows is installed:

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How to check the warranty for an HP Servers?

To check the warrenty of an HP server you would require serial number and product no. If you have the serial number, please use the below link to get the product number.

Product Number

When you have both the serial number and the product number, please use the below link to check the warrenty details.

Check Warranty

Its simple and easy…

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