Month: November 2011

How to enable Telnet Client in Windows 2008?

When you first try to run a telnet command, Windows will informs you that telnet is not recognized as a command. Telnet Client is a feature included with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and you can install Telnet Client by using the Add Features Wizard in Server Manager.

To enable Telnet on Windows Server 2008 follow these steps :

1. Open Server Manager, click Start > Server Manager
2. From the left panel in Server Manager, click on Features
3. Click on Add Features, as you can see i have not installed any Feature on this Server ( 0 of 34 installed )
4. From the available list of features, scroll down and select Telnet Client, then click Next
5. On the Confirmation page, click on Install.
6. Installation of the selected feature will be initialized and started.
7. Once installation is completed, click on Close.

Now open Command Prompt, and run the telnet command

As you can see, Telnet is now recognized by Windows Server 2008 and you can start using it to connect to your telnet servers.

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Unable to restat IIS service in Windows (Error 1053).

Unable to restart IIS service, Could not stop the IIS Admin service on local computer
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion
Usually when this happens I’m forced to reboot.

Therefore, today I found something very useful i.e the iisreset command! It restarts the IIS when it craps out like this is as simple as opening a command prompt and typing this command:

iisreset localhost /restart

Of course, you’ll need to use the correct machine name in place of localhost.

Running this program will result in this output:

Attempting stop…
Internet services successfully stopped
Attempting start…
Internet services successfully restarted

After it’s done (which seems to take less time than using the services control panel to restart the services) IIS will work correctly again.

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How to remove the unwanted Tunnel Adapters in Windows?

Please follow the steps to remove IP6 entry and the adapter.

1. Open Start Menu
2. Type In: Device Manager
3. Select Device Manager
4. Click the View menu from the top
5. Select Show Hidden Devices (Must be check before continuing)
6. Scroll down and expand Network Adapters
7. Right-Click a duplicated Microsoft 6to4 Adapter or Microsoft ISATAP Adapter
8. Select Uninstall
9. Click OK for the pop-up warning message
10. Repeat and repeat for each of the unwanted duplicated adapter
11. Close Device Manager when finish

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