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Windows 2003 Stops ping after Cntl+Alt+Del screen.

Very recently, I came across an issue where the server was not responding to ping command. When checked within the server name resolution was not working. Tried various options like disable/enable NIC, update drivers, change vlan etc and nothing worked. During troubleshoot I once rebooted the server and found that the server was responding to the ping command after the reboot, unfortunately its stop responding after the Windows login screen.

When checked the event logs found the issue was somehow related to the IPSec service. When checked, the serive was not running. Was then able to start the service after registering the DLL file named “polstore.dll” by executing the command.

regsvr32 polstore.dll

Manually starting the service IPSec and a reboot fixed the issue.


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Unable to ping among the blade servers in an Enclosure.

Recently I had an issue where we recently built up new blade servers in a very new enclosure. The problem was that I was unable to ping among any server available in the same enclosure.

After a long struggle I found that the issue was due to the enclosure configuration and settings.

This was because the “Private Network” option was enabled. Private Network option provides an extra networking security.

Once I unchecked the Private Network I was able ping all the server from each other.

To enable Private Network,
1. Login to the HP Virtual Connect Manager.
2. Choose Ethernet networks” and choose the network.
3. You will now find an option “Private Network”.
4. Uncheck the option to resolve the issue.

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