Month: April 2014

How to change the TCP port for IIS in Windows 2008?

We have an application team who has an web-based application configured to run on port 80. This application runs on JBoss. Due to someother dependency they had to install IIS on this server. However, their application was not listening to port 80 in JBoss. When checked port 80 was been used by the default website in IIS. We later unbinded the port 80 from IIS, fixed the issue.

1. Open IIS Manager
2. Select web site.
3. Click on “Bindings” under Action pane.
4. Click edit to change the port (we changed 80 as 8000)
5. Click OK to apply changes.


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How to view the complete posts available on

In order to view the complete post available on, we have come up with a new solution, by providing a new page “View All Topics” which is available on the top right corner of the page. This will list you with the complete set of posts up to date.

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VMware – Virtual Machine Consolidation Needed.

One of the virtual machine was not responding and was unable to power on the machine. When check on alarm, there was a message stating “Virtual Machine Consolidation Needed”.

In order to consolidate virtual machine disk, right click on the virtual machine, navigate to snapshot and choose consolidate.

After the consolidation is over machine will be able to power on.


1. Consolidation needed due to multiple snapshots.
2. Removal of snapshot takes long time considering the size of the disk.
3. If consolidation is stopped, it may lead to data corruption.
4. Virtual machine performance may be degraded during snapshot.


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