NIC Teaming

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NIC Teaming using HP NCU.

1. Perform the initial installation of HP Network Configuration Utility (NCU) and open the utility.
2. Select the network adapter ports for a team.
From the NCU main page, highlight two or more network adapter ports. Then, click the Team icon.
3. Set the team type Automatic.
a. Click the Properties icon on the NCU main page for the newly formed team (white team icon).
b. Under Team Type Selection on the Teaming Controls tab, notice that Automatic (Recommended) is
already chosen. This is the default setting for new teams.
c. Note the name assigned to the team in the Team Name window (for example, HP Network Team #1).
d. (Optional) Rename the team by changing the text in the Team Name window.
e. Click the OK button on the Team Properties page when finished.
4. Apply all changes.
a. Click the OK button on the NCU main page.
b. Click Yes when asked if all configuration changes should be applied.
c. Wait until the All Configuration Changes Were Made Successfully dialog box appears.
5. Assign an IP address to the team.
a. Open the Network Connections (in other words, Network and Dial-up Connections) window from the Control Panel.
b. Under Device Name (in the Details view), open the Properties page for the device with the same name as noted in step 3.
c. Assign the appropriate IP address information based on the connected network requirements.

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