McAfee update fails: unable to update repository

The McAfee fails to update automatically

There are different possibilities of issue. However, few of the troubleshoot steps were previously discussed in our portal. This time I have got one more possibilities. This issue could occur if it could not connect to the repository.

Therefore, please check whether the Autoupdate repository list is updated properly.

Please follow the below steps to confirm the same:

1. Open “McAfee Virus Console”.
2. Click on “Tools” and select “Edit Autoupdate Repository list”.
3. Select the desired server list and click “Ok”.

Now try Autoupdate, this should work fine.

Came to know about one more fix. However am not sure whether it works. Its didnt work for me but might work for you, so try and share your experience.

Try to copy the file “sitelist.xml” (from same location as mentioned below) from any working server to the required server in the location

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework

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