How to check the node names available in Veritas Cluster Services?

We can view the available node names on the Veritas Cluster Service in the command prompt of an server by excecuting the command “hasys -state

This will list the node names as shown below

#System Attribute Value
Node1 SysState Running
Node2 SysState Running

Sometimes you may get an error message stating the server is in stale_admin_wait state please use “hasys -force”.

STALE_ADMIN_WAIT states the the system has a stale configuration and there is no other node in a state of RUNNING to retrieve a configuration. Possible reasons include:

1. The High Availability Daemon (HAD) service has been stopped on all nodes without closing the configuration (i.e. using hastop -all -force).
2. All cluster nodes have been rebooted at the same time.
3. An invalid configuration file is present on all nodes.

If the administrator is confident that a valid configuration exists on a particular node, that node can be “forced” to read its own configuration file. It is recommended that the existing configurations on all nodes be backed up by using the hagetcf -conf command. Once a backup exists, execute the following command:

hasys -force node_name

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