How to create a dump of the process on Windows Server?

How to create a dump of the process on Windows Server to troubleshoot server hung, crash, unresponsive issues?

In-order to generate a dump we need to make use of an utility named ProcDump from Microsoft. Therefore, download and extract the latest version from below link.

Its a command line utility, the current version of Procdump, as of this TID’s creation date, is 5.0.

To generate a dump, run the following command at the command line from where the utility was extracted:
” procdump -ma -accepteula [service name/process name]”.

Example: procdump -ma -accepteula Termserviceexe

NOTE: this utility can also be run in monitor mode. Examples:
High CPU – Write up to 3 dumps of the terminal service when it exceeds 90% CPU usage for twenty seconds:
procdump -ma -c 90 -s 20 -n 3 Termservice.exe

Unresponsiveness – Write a dump when service is unresponsive for more than 5 seconds
procdump -h Termservice.exe Termservice.dmp “

Ensure that there is enough free disk space and that the paging file is a bit larger than the total amount of memory.


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