Convert a snapshot file to memory dump.

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A very recently one of our Windows 2012 servers was getting hung, and we were not able to collect dump file. Fortunately, this was a VM and we had an option to convert VM snapshot to a memory dump that can be used for the RCA.

Well, in order to  get this file converted we needed a separate tool named vmss2core

This can be downloaded from Fling link

Once you have downloaded, extract the file named vmss2core.exe.

Open command prompt and change the current working directory to the location where you have the file.

Run the vmss2core tool with the option to create a memory dump.

vmss2core -W virtual_machine_name.vmss virtual_machine_name.vmem

Note: If you are using Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 or Windows Server 2012, run this command:

vmss2core -W8 virtual_machine_name.vmss virutal_machine_name.vmem

This will create a new dump file in same location with an extension of *.dmp, which can be used for dump analysis.




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