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Script execution error code 80070005 on Windows 2012

Recently found that some of the our maintenance VB script used for placing servers in Maintenance mode on SCOM were not working and were throwing errors as listed below:

Error: Invalid root in registry key
Code: 80070005
Source : WshShell.RegWrite

Well, found that the same script is working fine when executed as Run as Administrator. Validated the UAC and found that its already disabled on control panel.

Later its found that, disabling UAC will not help in executing the scripts and the UAC has to be disabled in registry by following below steps:

1. Open registry using “regedit”.
2. Browse to the following registry key:
3. Double-Click the EnableLUA Key on the right and Change the value data from 1 (UAC Enabled) to 0 (UAC Disabled).



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Microsoft Student Associates (MSA) – India Program

Microsoft recently announced registrations for the Microsoft Student Associates (MSA) – India Program. If you are a student, have a passion for Microsoft technologies, love social media and are involved at your campus, then this opportunity is sure to interest you. This new initiative from Microsoft, focuses on developing leadership qualities of students in their campus.As a Microsoft Student Associate or MSA, you will represent your local campus as technology enthusiasts and social media/marketing evangelists.



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Robocopy: How to copy files to a another drive, or server – only if they have changed?

With the robocopy, we can use the below syntax to copy everything from “x:\source” to “\\server\x\dest” including sub-directories:

robocopy x:\source \\server\x\dest /e /r:0 /w:0

Robocopy will look for the date and time stamp of each file. If the file has not changed, it will skip it.

Usage of parameters is as follows:

/e – This will include sub-folders, even if empty

/r:0 – Retry on failure zero times. No retries in this example. It will keep restarting the copy on failure

/w:0 – The number of seconds to wait between failures

Above won’t do is delete files on the destination if they have been deleted on the source. This can be attained by using /purge option:

robocopy X:\source \\server\X\dest /e /r:0 /w:0 /purge

Note: Usage of /purge will delete files on the destination. If you have an empty directory in source, you will end up with an empty directory on the destination.


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Backup and Restore Network Configuration on Windows Servers

While server re-image you would need to make a note of existing network configuration settings and then manually complete the configuration once the server is completed with OS Deployment. This is bit uneasy task and Sometimes, this is more tough while using ILO.

Therefore, it is good to use command to backup and restore the settings. This should complete the task in seconds.

Use the following command to backup your network configuration:
netsh interface dump > netcfg.dat

Use the following command to restore your network configuration:
netsh exec netcfg.dat

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