Day: July 22, 2011

How to update HBA BIOS Firmware and Driver (Qlogic)?

To obtain and install the new HBA BIOS Firmware and Driver , follow these steps:
1. Obtain the new BIOS. Locate the iSCSI BIOS on the QLogic Web site ( and click Download.
2. The File Download dialog box displays. Click Save. Specify a temporary location on the hard disk and download the file.
3. In the temporary directory, locate the BIOS file. Double-click the file to extract it to a specified directory.
4. Perform the following steps to update the BIOS:
5. In the SANsurfer iSCSI HBA Manager main window HBA tree, select the HBA port. Click on “Utilities” and then on “Update Flash”.
6. This will then ask for the “*.bin” file. Locate the file and click open. This is done.
7. Similarly, to update the HBA driver files, please click on “Update Driver”. Locate *.zip/*.inf/*.exe file and click open.
8. You will now required to reboot the server to view the new BIOS version.

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How to find free desk space of the volume mounted on any existing drive?

I was quite confused on finding the free disk space for a volume that was mounted on the D Drive. It was not possible for me view the size in GUI. However, I was able to find the free disk space using the command “FSUTIL”.

For example:
C:\>fsutil volume diskfree c:
Total # of free bytes : 22047387648
Total # of bytes : 34365186048
Total # of avail free bytes : 22047387648

Similarly we can use the same command to find the free disk space on the volume that is already mounted.

C:\>fsutil volume disk free c:\windows\Backup

Its simple and easy. This will help you when you get automated tickets for the low disk space.

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