How to update HBA BIOS Firmware and Driver (Qlogic)?

To obtain and install the new HBA BIOS Firmware and Driver , follow these steps:
1. Obtain the new BIOS. Locate the iSCSI BIOS on the QLogic Web site ( and click Download.
2. The File Download dialog box displays. Click Save. Specify a temporary location on the hard disk and download the file.
3. In the temporary directory, locate the BIOS file. Double-click the file to extract it to a specified directory.
4. Perform the following steps to update the BIOS:
5. In the SANsurfer iSCSI HBA Manager main window HBA tree, select the HBA port. Click on “Utilities” and then on “Update Flash”.
6. This will then ask for the “*.bin” file. Locate the file and click open. This is done.
7. Similarly, to update the HBA driver files, please click on “Update Driver”. Locate *.zip/*.inf/*.exe file and click open.
8. You will now required to reboot the server to view the new BIOS version.

How to find free desk space of the volume mounted on any existing drive?

I was quite confused on finding the free disk space for a volume that was mounted on the D Drive. It was not possible for me view the size in GUI. However, I was able to find the free disk space using the command “FSUTIL”.

For example:
C:\>fsutil volume diskfree c:
Total # of free bytes : 22047387648
Total # of bytes : 34365186048
Total # of avail free bytes : 22047387648

Similarly we can use the same command to find the free disk space on the volume that is already mounted.

C:\>fsutil volume disk free c:\windows\Backup

Its simple and easy. This will help you when you get automated tickets for the low disk space.